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Workshop Fees - new info, read closely


AOSA, our parent organization, has unified the fee structure for all local chapters.  (The national organization directly impacts our local chapter most notably by providing liability insurance to the chapter at no cost).

  • There will no longer be a local membership fee.  To be a local chapter member (and have voting rights or serve on the board), you must be a member of our national organization AOSA ($94 per year).  

  • The requirement to join AOSA to be a local member is waived for 1st year and retired teachers (although we do encourage you to join our national organization).

  • Regular workshop attendees who are not an AOSA member will pay a higher amount for workshops.  The additional fees assessed by HOA will be sent directly to AOSA for their operating costs.

  • 1st year teachers and retired teachers are exempt from the non-AOSA member fee and will receive a 50% discount to attend workshops.

  • We will be offering workshop packages this year at a discount.  

  • All AOSA members have one guest pass they can use per year to invite a teacher for free who’s never attended a workshop before

  • Below is the new fee structure including the AOSA changes.


Register for 2022/2023 HOA Orff Workshops here!

College Credit

One graduate credit hour from NWMS is available for attendance at the 3 HOA workshops in Feb, Mar, and Apr.  The cost is $75 and will be paid to NWMS.  More information will be shared soon.

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